All kinds of household items: bulbs, kitchen accesories, pots and accesories pots, camping, insecticides, repellers, pastry accesories, audio and video cables, tv cable and accessories, harware...

LED bulbs

    E14 led bulbs
    E27 led bulbs
    GU10 led bulbs
    GD24 LED bulbs

Caps for Led light bulbs

You can buy caps and adapters for led bulbs to adapt any bulb format to any cap.
    Adapter E27 to GU10
    Adapter E14 to GU10
    Adapter GU10 to E27
    Adapter GU10 to E14
    Adapter G9 to E27
    Adapter G9 to E14
    Adapter E14 to G9
    Adapter E27 to G9
    GX24 to E27 adapter
    Adapter E14 to E27
    Adapter E27 to E14

Audio cables

We have audio cables and adapters for audio cables:
Audio cables of different sizes and high quality manufactured in Germany. 3.5 and 6.3 jack cables, RCA audio cables with different outputs and inputs.

Adapters for cables

Adapter for 3.5 and 6.3 jack cables to 3.5 jack and 6.3 jack.

Bathroom accessories

Anti-slip children's figures for the bathtub and shower. Blister of 6 units manufactured with high quality and anti-mold materials, antibacterial and antifungal. Resistant to any temperature of use and manufactured 100% PVC.

Felt furniture adhesive

Adhesive felt for furniture of high quality and resistance and easy placement. Adaptable to any piece of furniture. Perfect to protect the floor from scratches.

Horse fat

Different containers with different amounts of horse fat for footwear. Horse fat nourishes, waterproofs and prevents cracks from forming on the skin of the footwear. Perfect to avoid cracking the skins of your footwear. It should impregnate the skin of the footwear and spread it evenly to protect the skin of your footwear.

LED night lights

Buy led night lights for your bedroom for children or seniors. Different models and colors to accompany the decoration of your bedroom. LED night lights with motion sensor.
Cockroach killer
This is the best system to end the problem of cockroaches. Practical and convenient syringe format that will allow you to access all corners of the house, where traditional traps do not arrive. EcoGel contains a very attractive food attractant for cockroaches. The product does not kill them immediately but allows the cockroaches to transport the product to the nest, killing all the cockroaches in the nest.
Kill ants
The EcoGel ant kill acts in a delayed manner allowing the ants to take the product to the inside of the anthill, reaching the ant queen and ending with the entire anthill.
Pedicure pliers
3 Claveles brand pedicure pliers. Top quality nail pliers manufactured in Spain.
Ironing accessories
We have different ironing boards, covers for ironing boards and protectors for plates.
Lint roller
Several models of electric removers that will allow you to remove the lint from your clothes evenly. The electric strippers always work at the same speed providing a uniform finish.
Top doors
We have doorstops of different designs and colors. The door stops can be adhesive or with screw ensuring long duration.
Television Accessories
We have television cables with different connections, sizes and colors. The cables can be terminated straight or angled, with filters or without interference filters.

Bulbs and bulbs adapters

Bulbs and bulbs adapters

All bulbs: Energy Saving Light Bulbs, LED bulbs, refrigerator bulbs, bulbs for oven, bulbs for extractor ...

Audio cables and adapters

Audio cables and adapters

Cables and Adapters Audio: Stereo and mono for all kinds of sound devices, mobile and others.


Items for the Bathroomslip shapes of different colors and designs for bath and shower, carpet...
Brushes engine washing machine

Brushes engine washing machine

Carbon brushes for electric engines. We have all the carbon brushes for electric appliance motors.


TV connectors, TV accessories, TV cable, to connect all kinds of TV cables, to connect all devices TV.
Felt for furniture

Felt for furniture

Felt pads for all kinds of furniture: adhesive nails for chairs and all kinds of furniture with legs.
Grease for leathers

Grease for leathers

Grease for leathers, Fat horse  nourishes and  waterproofs and prevents cracking, leaving the skins  from drying. Shoes and leather.

Night light

Night light

LED Night Lights. With motion sensor or light sensor. We also have night lights with sequencer that constantly changes color.
Anti cockroaches and ants

Anti cockroaches and ants

It is the most practical and effective system to eliminate the problem of cockroaches or antsEcologic 100%.
Remote control

Remote control

Universal remote controls for TV and air conditioning equipment with 2 years warranty. Universal remotes with LCD display.
Manicure and pedicure 3 Claveles

Manicure and pedicure 3 Claveles

The company 3 Claveles began producing handmade in 1930 different types of household scissors, manicure, nails and others.


All kinds of items for ironing: Iron, ironing board covers, covers for the soleplate, anti calc ...
lint shaver

lint shaver

We offer a wide range of lint shavers. We have have electric, battery and even battery lint shavers.

Doors stops

Doors stops

Door stops and retainers of different materials and formats. Adhesive or floor fixing screw .